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Commensurate Wage Compliance Conference Approved for 13 HRCI and SHRM Credit Hours



           Our upcoming  Section 14c Commensurate Wage compliance training conferences in Columbus, OH, on September 12 & 13, 2017 and in St. Cloud, MN on September 26 & 27 have been preapproved by the Human Resource Certification Institute, HRCI for 13 General PHR, SPHR, GPHR recertification credit hours. It has also been preapproved by the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM, for 13 PDCs for CP and SCP recertification. 


The 2017 Conference Is

About Preparing for Your Future!


       This conference is essential for CEOs, Executive Directors, HR Directors and management team members. It is not just about “methods.” The conference is about the culture change and the program shift that the WIOA will bring to your organization. Discussion will include the compliance concepts and principles that management must understand to maintain a “no violation” history with the USDOL. The conference will change the way your organization thinks about FLSA compliance and the future of commensurate wages.

            The training includes instruction with time studies, including a time study demonstration setting piece rates and a demonstration setting a standard for hourly commensurate rates.


New WIOA Documentation and Training Requirements


New Requirements and Standards for Documenting Disabilities


The Culture and FLSA Compliance Changes If You Don’t Renew Your Special MW Certificate


Status of the Exempt Employee Minimum Salary Rule


Current FLSA Enforcement - Time Studies - Prevailing Rates - Hourly Ratings


Enforcement Changes with the Trump Administration


Registration information, email us at



If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 828-328-9241.