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MKAI has provided professional consulting and technical compliance assistance to all types of employers since 1986. MKAI keeps good employers in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA, WIOA-FLSA, Civil Rights Act Title VII, ADA, FMLA, and ADEA. MKAI also helps misguided employers achieve and maintain compliance. MKAI serves all types of employers, community rehab and human service firms, residential providers, law firms, CPA firms, non-profit organizations and for profit businesses, retail, nonretail, state agencies and local cities and counties. We know the technical requirements of the laws and how they affect your human resource management.

MKAI Associates include former and retired federal investigators, with the U. S. Department of Labor, an attorney from the public sector & law enforcement, and career human resource management professionals from the public and private sectors. Our combination of enforcement and HR management experience sets us apart. We know the rules with the employment of persons with significant disabilities. We conduct more pre-submission reviews of FLSA Section 14c Special Minimum Commensurate Wage Certificate renewal applications than all other consultants combined.

We know what employers and their counsel need to do to comply in workplace environments today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your workplace and workforce. Our goal is your compliance:


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, WIOA
Salaried “White Collar” Exemptions
Benefits & Leave Policies
Child Labor Restrictions
Companions and the FLSA
Disabilities & the ADA
EEOC Civil Rights Act Charges
Employee Handbooks
Who Is An Employee?
Work Exploration & Transition
Employee vs. Independent Contractor
Family & Medical Leave
Community-Based Employment
Assessment & Transition Models

FLSA Commensurate Wages
FLSA Un-Paid On-Duty Sleep Time
FLSA Prevailing Rates
FLSA Workweek
Furloughs & Pay Reductions
Hiring & Terminations
Job/Position Descriptions
Lawful Interviewing & Hiring
Minimum Wages & Hours Worked
On Call Time, Call Back
Overtime & Comp Time Off
Part 541 Salary Exemptions
Policies & Procedure Manuals
Problem Employee Management
FLSA Section 14 Hourly Ratings

Progressive Discipline
Recordkeeping & Pay Deductions
Residential Work Schedules
Sexual Harassment Avoidance
Workplace Conduct Investigations
Unlawful Harassment Charges
Volunteers & Volunteer Time
Wage & Hour Compliance
Wage & Hour Division Investigations
Substance Abuse Policies
Community Based Organizations
Workplace Violence Policies
Domestic Employee Rules

Competitive Integrated Employment

MKAI conducts compliance training conferences to associations, on site and through our Webinar Wednesdays and public conferences.

MKAI is an Approved Training Provider, by HRCI, the Human Resource Certification Institute. Mark has earned the SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources certification from HRCI. James Knuckles has earned the PHR, Professional in Human Resources certification by HRCI. Both are members of the national SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the local Catawba Valley SHRM chapter in Hickory, North Carolina.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us 828-328-9241, email us, or use our online contact form.


Society for Human Resource Management
Federal Wage and Hour Law and Family and Medical Leave Act
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Employment Discrimination
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act Health Plan Provisions
Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions
Federal Government Contract Law
National Labor Relations Act and Board