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Do I have to be a client of MKAI to get my question answered?
Yes. MKAI office staff will be able to listen to your question and let you know if we assist employers with that kind of issue.
How can I become a client of MKAI?
Call 828.328.9241 and James can explain client relationships.
I am a client. When will my call be returned?
Every effort is made to return calls within 24 hours; office staff is able to let you know or schedule your return call.
Who will answer my question when I call?
It depends on your question. Each consultant has his or her areas of assistance to clients. MKAI staff will take your question and you will be transferred to a consultant OR a consultant will return your call. Sometimes one question leads to another and considering there are so many employment laws and regulations, more than one consultant may have to assist you. Click here to view our Consultants.
We are a non-profit organization.  Do you understand our financial issues/constraints?
About 58% of our clients are non-profit organizations. We understand your funding and understand you are not exempted from compliance with federal and state employment laws. We assist non-profits every day with best practice strategies and compliance issues.
We need our staff trained. Can you come to us and train?
Yes. We travel in 38 states to provide in-house training and compliance assistance to our clients.
We received a call from the Labor Department; they will be here next week. Can you tell us what to do.
Yes. We assist employers during US Department of Labor investigations. We contact the investigator, request your investigation be rescheduled to a time when we can be present. We then begin working with your staff to get you ready for the investigation. We come on site the day before DOL will be there to make sure you are ready.
We are a city/county government. We have never had to furlough any employees; now we do. Can someone in your office help us through that process?
The FLSA does have furlough requirements. Sadly, since early 2007, we have assisted cities, counties and non-profit clients through furloughs.
We are a mental health agency and pay special minimum wages to client/consumers in our sheltered workshop (work activity center). Can you help us determine how to pay those workers?
Yes. You have the privilege of paying special minimum wages under a special certificate provision in the FLSA, Part 525, Section 14(c). This is our area of expertise. Whether you pay your workers piece rates or hourly, we can show you how to pay your client/consumers.
Do you have to come to us to help us?
It depends on your issue. If you have an investigation, we come; if you want specific training, we come. If you and your staff need some questions answered, we handle that by scheduling a conference call.
What does MKAI consider a crisis call?
  • USDOL is in your reception area waiting on you to begin your investigation...
  • You received a call or letter from USDOL...
  • You must terminate an employee today...
  • Payroll is running today and blah, blah, blah happened...
  • Your FLSA, Section 14(c) certificate lapsed...
  • You received a letter from EEOC with charge and notice of discrimination...

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 828-328-9241.