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While other HR consultants exist, none have comparable experience. With today's litigious work place environment and aggressive government enforcement agencies, you need a consultant who has not just read the law, but a consultant who has lived the law and enforced the law.

Employers today are faced with ever-increasing compliance demands. Use the consultants that know your industry and know the law. More importantly, they know how to help you comply so you can manage your workforce.

Check Out These Stats

  • We train 100+ employers per year.
  • MKAI has conducted more FLSA compliance reviews than all other Wage Hour consultants combined!
  • Our consultants have saved employers over 2 million dollars in back wage violations over the past 4 years!
  • MKAI gives over 450 employers the tools they need to comply with workplace regulations everyday.
  • The average Back Wage settlement is over $14,000. A FLSA compliance review by MKAI could be as little as $4,000.
  • MKAI consultants have assisted hundreds of employers and their legal counsel through USDOL investigations and litigations since 1986.
  • MKAI defends salary exemptions for employers every day.
  • MKAI is the national Commensurate Wage Authority - with the only methods approved by an Administrative Law Judge.
  • 97% of our clients come to us because of "word-of-mouth" referrals. Our client retention rate is 95%.
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