Compliance Consulting Group - Labor Management Consultant
What We Do


Areas of assistance include lawful employee management, hiring, termination, pay/payrolls, exempt or non exempt employee status, independent contractor status, time off (leave and leave burners), qualifying leaves, disabilities, discipline actions, suspensions, furloughs, rewards, bonuses, hours worked, overtime, sleep schedules, volunteers, comp time.

Your best defense is preventative measures.

Management training – train your management so they will know the laws, how they apply to you and what they must do to comply.

In House Audits – before an investigation comes your way, have us come and lead you and your management team through an audit to determine your status of compliance. We let you know areas of non compliance and provide a detailed written report for you to use to begin your compliance efforts.

Internal Investigations – sometimes you are NOT the best person to investigate your employee - employer situations. This is especially true in situations where an employee is alleging they have been harassed. We can be the third party, outside objective entity to investigate the issue, interview employees and determine what happened and advise you what you must do next.

Investigations of Your Organization
We are your advocate with enforcement agencies – US Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division (enforcement responsibility for FLSA, FMLA compliance), EEOC (enforcement responsibility for Title VII Civil Rights Act) State Human Rights Commissions and others.

We will draft, prepare or assist in the preparation of official responses to charges of discrimination, back wage assessments, charges of child labor or other violations including unlawful discharges, assessment of penalties, etc.

The associates’ enforcement experience with federal agencies has provided them with an understanding of the laws, technicalities, dynamics of agency enforcement, objectives and agency investigator performance measurement needs that are not commonly known by academic professionals and consultants. Our enforcement experience “balances the table” when dealing with enforcement agencies. We know the agencies and how to negotiate with them. Our goals are simple – no violations, no back wage payments and no penalties.

Policy Writing/Review
Assisting with developing and writing personnel policies, handbooks and procedures that comply with current regulations and address your business culture.

Expert Witness Services

Specialized consultation to employers with application of the FLSA, Civil Rights Act, Title VII, FMLA, ADA, ADEA, government contacts – SCA, PCA and DBRA contracts.

MKAI is a national authority with the FLSA and Title 29 CFR Part 525, Section 14(c) Commensurate Wage law which regulates the employment of disabled participants (consumers/clients) in certificated community rehabilitation programs (CRP), work activity, work training and sheltered workshop centers and similar programs.

We provide comprehensive compliance training to these organizations which includes time studies, prevailing rates, hourly evaluation procedures and best practices.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 828-328-9241.